Posts from: April 2013

Adjusting bidding by most specific location retired from Adwords Enhanced Campaigns

Ive written here a few posts about the new Adwords Enhanced Campaigns and proclaimed just how cool it was to now be able to bid by location at the most specific level available, usually, zip or suburb. This is particularly useful where physical or other boundaries might mean someone living in zip code x is twice as likely to convert as someone a couple miles away. I reported earlier that functionality seemed to have dissapeared and can now confirm its gone after just a few weeks in service.

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Whats happened to the Adwords locations bid adjustment and exclude buttons?

A really neat feature of the new Adwords Enhanced campaigns, maybe the best feature, is the ability to get detailed traffic and conversion data from the most specific location that Google can reveal and to be able to adjust bidding per location, or even exclude locations. As of yesterday the buttons which enable you to make this adjustments has disappeared for me.

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