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5 powerful tips for those new to remarketing

Remarketing as a means of recapturing traffic and growing sales can be a powerful tool for web reliant businesses and the platforms and opportunities available to marketers that facilitate remarketing are growing and becoming more sophisticated. Here a few simple but powerful tips to help you get the most out of your remarketing.

1) Decide exactly who you are going to remarket to and test variations of that audience

For example targeting cart abandoners is likely to produce higher conversion rates as that audience already ‘almost’ bought and are more likely to be convert than other site visitors. You could also try targeting cart abandoners from yesterday v the last 30 days and see how ROI compares.cartabandonment

2) Give them a reason to come back

If they didn’t purchase first time around why will they do so when you serve them a remarketing ad? Try using a discount or promotion in your ad copy and think hard about your messaging and ad destination urls.

3) Use Google Adwords RLSA

Adwords remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) I think is the single most powerful remarketing platform. RLSA allows you to target any customised audience list that you can create in Google Analytics, which you can then set a bid adjustment for in your Adwords campaigns. For example you can bid +20% higher for people in London that visited your red widget page in the last 7 days and who are searching for your campaign keywords. It essentially means you can bid up for those searchers who are most likely to convert. Via Google Customer Match (more on that below) you can even target existing customers! The downside with RLSA is that your list size must be at least 1000 before it becomes eligible to be used as a bid adjustment, which might limit just how specific you can be when creating your audience lists.

rlsa bid adjustments

Another benefit of RLSA, aside from the obvious, is that increasing your effective impression share (because you are bidding up) to people that you are targeting in such a laser focussed manner inevitably means higher CTR and that potentially means better quality score and lower cpc’s.

Ideas for great RLSA targeting that will increase conversions and reduce CPA:

– Target cart abandoners.
– Target those who visited high margin products on your site.
– Target your email lists via Google customer match. Upload your email lists (shared library > audiences) and you can then target existing subscribers / customers!

4) Use Google Adwords display remarketing

Similar to RLSA you can identify and build specific audience lists in Google Analytics and then target those users on Googles huge display network. Essentially your ad will ‘follow’ your audience around the web whilst they are browsing. As a web user you will be familiar with this already.

remarketing ads on google display network
5) Use Facebook remarketing

As with Adwords it is possible to create Facebook ad campaigns targeting previous web site visitors. Though the list creation isn’t as sophisticated as it is in Google Analytics by applying additional targeting layers in the campaign creation such as location and interests it is possible to create very targeted audiences to remarket to.

As with Google you can also upload email lists to target, which in this case will target Facebook users who are signed in with email addresses you have in your list. A downside is that most Facebook interaction of course occurs on mobile so conversion rates can be low. Also cpc’s tend to be a little expensive.

Facebook remarketing ads Desktop remarketing ad on Facebook

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