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Anatomy of a Google search result 2013

Wow hasnt the Google search engine results changed over the years?! Driven by advancements in its paid advertising model, Adwords, rich snippet mark up and Google’s seemingly growing desire to dominate particular search queries with its own web inventory things look a whole bunch different to a decade ago. Hell, they look a whole bunch different to last year! Inspired by Rock Cheetah’s recent post about how Google returns search results for hotel queries I wanted to take a look at and document the multitude of different items and features that show for a ‘typical’ search result, also hotel themed.

Understanding and where possible taking advantage of the various snippet types, ad units, extensions and features can be extremely beneficial to your SEO efforts e.g. the review rich snippets in organic search results can really help clickthrough rates.

Its worth noting that the first image below is for US search results. The carousel hasn’t hit the UK yet. Its also worth noting that the features and ad units you see below are by no means the complete itinerary of search result items and variations. Its not possible to fit them all into 1 screenshot or find them in 1 search result. At the end of this post ive included a whole bunch more examples – theres so many!

Anatomy of a Google search result in 2013 Anatomy of a Google search result in July 2013

And some other search result items/features… Google Compare ad unit for finance related searches Event rich snippets in Google product listing ads, image results and tabled snippets in google Adwords email offers exstenionAdwords image ad extensions   Adwords call extension (mobile click to call version) Enabling dates in search result snippet

Rel author markup in search results

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