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Have you grabbed your G+ vanity url yet?

I’m a light G+ user. From an SEO and B2B point of view it is my preferred social platform,partly because it allows me to decide, with greater flexibility, what to share and with whom. Though it has does have SEO benefits that Facebook doesn’t, for many the jury is still out on the real value of G+ as a means to promote your business. Personally I think it’s value will grow as the platform develops and the latest development is vanity urls now open to all (who meet the criteria).

Whats changed?

For reasons unknown to me G+ profile pages had/have terrible urls.

This was mine: https://plus.google.com/103538848320435409170

And now its: https://plus.google.com/+AndyMacLean

Why should I grab a G+ vanity url?

  • Clearly /+AndyMacLean is preferable to /103538848320435409170 not least because being able to remember your own G+ page url is always handy if you want to link to it!
  • Get it NOW. /+AndyMaclean1977, which might have been my 2nd choice had another equally well name individual grabbed my 1st choice, would be a clear indication that i’m not THE Andy MacLean and vanity aside thats not great for branding, and again not very memorable.
  • I’m not convinced that G+ profiles show up highly in search results for peoples names but having your name in the url is likely to help it rank and therefore get YOU in front of people searching for you.
  • If you don’t act soon chances are you will miss the opportunity to grab the ideal url, if you haven’t already missed the boat.
  • I think the value of G+ and continued innovation will make it the most valuable social network. Not knowing the potential future benefits to grabbing your vanity url is a reason to grab your vanity url.

How do I get G+ vanity url?

If you meet the following criteria you will have a message about updating your url when you are logged in to G+ and visit your profile and you can also do it via the links area of your about section:

  • You must have a profile photo
  • You must have 10+ followers
  • Your profile is 30+ days old



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