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Google Adwords adds time comparison feature

Adwords time comparison feature chart

We all know how great the Google Analytics date range ‘compare to’ feature is at helping to work out time based trends, campaign change effects and dozens of other things. Well Adwords today includes a similar feature and boy is it overdue.

Adwords compare to feature

To get numeric and table data for comparing campaign and keyword conversion rates, costs and so on is something I and no doubt 1000s of others have craved after for years. Ok so this is available with 3rd part bid tools like Marin but is great to have it in Adwords, ONLY IT ISNT. They’ve limited the comparison data to the chart that sits above the tabled data in Adwords.

This is such a shame as its really the granularity of the info that this could provide which would help Adwords users so much. Still its a step in the right direction and who knows perhaps this is a phased roll out and we’ll have the tabled data ‘compare to’ functionality some time soon.


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