Domain diversity update confirmed by Google

Another domain diversity update was confirmed by Google last week.

In addition to already trying to reduce domain crowding in SERPS by having at least one similar algorithm update already and recently reducing the number of search results for branded terms to 7 (as I reported a week or so ago) Google is really trying to prevent sites from dominating page 1 organically. I think more so its aimed at whittling out aggregators in preference of brand owners who may have 2 or more pages ranked for the same search query which may¬†reduce the ability of the brand to receive traffic. Im especially convinced that ‘domain diversity’ is less applicable to non branded terms as a search for a branded term e.g. ‘marriott london’ returns just 1 non page on page 1 of the organic search results.

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‘Google Pirate’ or other ‘Brand’ update looming

I wrote earlier about what some were calling the Google Pirate update, which was affecting those sites with DMCA requests against them. Since then ive seen and heard of a number of sites which rely heavily on branded terms with severe ranking and traffic fluctuations from Google with ended as abruptly as they started. In addition to this theres a few reasons why I think that there is either a new update of Google Pirate 1.2 update imminent.

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The Google Pirate Trademark / DMCA Update, Info & Help

Fri 10th Aug 2012 a new but potentially site killing Google ranking algorithm update rolled out which went largely unnoticed amongst the SEO community. Without an official name (yet) the Google ‘Pirate’ update seeks to remove domains/urls from its search results, or in what seems to be alot of cases simply render those sites lower in its search results, that it deems is pirating other sites content.

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Find and fix duplicate page titles and reap the ranking benefits

If your site has a lot of pages and especially if its an ecommerce web site one of the really quick and legit gains you can make in the SERPS is by addressing the duplicate page titles you may have on your site.

Why are duplicate page titles bad?

Page titles still remain ‘the’ most important on-page element in helping to rank for specific phrases so having a whole bunch of page titles that are duplicate, and worse – not even representative of the page content/product is a really wasted opportunity. Unique and descriptive page titles should be one of your SEO priorities. Ensuring all your page titles are unique and represent the page content is a major step to maximising the number of pages on your site that can rank well for a wide variety of terms.

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Reason for absence

I started this blog recently as I wanted to make a serious effort to re-humanise my work, what I have to offer professionally and the knowledge I have to share. I want to keep up with that and make this blog something to be proud of and that will attract a willing and new audience. Its a pet hate of mine starting and not finishing new web projects (ive done that lots) but I will continue with making this site something to proud of.

Without going into detail (heres not the place) my wife and I have had some tragedy in our lives recently, and although our situation isnt as dire as it could have been, it has put a strain on work and simply just doing everyday stuff. Im slowly getting my head back in ‘the game’ and ill be publishing more regularly on here…

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Top tip for Google Local optimisation – use the categories!

We all know (hopefully) its mega difficult to get to the top of Googles search results, unless using and having an ongoing budget  for Adwords (and even then its not guaranteed).

There is a really great way to get to the top of Google in the search results via some smart optimisation of your Google Place listing however, which not enough people know about and its POSSIBLE to get there easily and fast ! I repeat – its POSSIBLE.

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