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Recommended SEO reading & how to read it!

I’d be willing to bet that few of my friends or associates NEED to read relevant industry news and opinion as much as I do. Working in the industry is challenging and exciting, not least because of how rapidly changing, complicated and advanced it is becoming. If I don’t keep up with whats going on in the industry daily I feel like i’m out of touch. A little OCD maybe, but  whether you are a fellow SEO or site owner or marketer it’s important to keep up with the latest best practises and tactics that can improve your site or your clients sites performance.

In this post you will find:

  • Recommended reading for basic, advanced SEO and latest news
  • Recommended reading specifically for Worpress SEO
  • Recommended reading for PPC
  • Manageable ways to read SEO

Recommended SEO reading

Recommended reading for SEO:


Had to be top of my list. Moz is the go to resource for many experienced SEO’s and those learning from scratch. Aside from the seriously helpful software tools it offers to members it is a huge resource for SEO content both contributed by giants in the industry as well as regular SEO folk like me! It has 2 main blogs which are of very high quality; a main blog by Moz staff and guest writers and a members blog. These are great places to discover not only the latest news and opinion but also to learn about applied SEO in the field.

Aside from the blogs Moz also has a huge ‘learn SEO’ section with a mass of useful ‘how to’s and ‘what is’ type content as well as resources particularly helpful for non SEO’s looking to improve their site including The Beginners Guide To SEO and the Search Engine Ranking Factors. Tip: if i’m trying to figure out a problem or looking for inspiration on how to best approach an SEO issue i’ll often Google whatever my query is followed by ‘moz’. This often gets me a decent result.


SearchEngineLand.com is number 2 on my list. It’s very much a blog about the latest and greatest in SEO. It’s home page is essentially the best of what is happening in SEO right now. If something significant has happened in the world of SEO you can find it here and usually in very simple and easy to access language. SEL also has a useful ‘SearchCap’ – a daily digest of what happened in search.

SearchEngineRoundtable.com, SearchEngineWatch.com & SearchEngineJournal.com

The best of the rest for SEO news, latest theory and thoughtfully written blog posts. As well as having similar names they are all similar to SearchEngineLand.com in content and each other and inevitably cover the same items but the quality of the articles and focus on how they can affect your site or SEO activity is what sets them apart.

Recommended reading for WordPress SEORecommended reading for WordPress:


Joost de Valk is THE SEO guy when it comes to WordPress. If you have a WordPress site, not only do you need the Yoast SEO plugin but you should also check out the Yoast WordPress Blog. It has great posts on  getting the max SEO benefit out of your WordPress site. It can also be a handy place to go for WordPress queries. The site has a search facility and it’s well worth using it if you have a specific WordPress issue.

Recommended reading for Pay Per Click:adwords

All the blogs above beginning with ‘searchengine’ actually do a pretty god job of writing about pay per click news and best practises but I’d strongly recommend the following also.


I don’t visit PPCHero.com as much as the others and the content can be a little self serving at times but this site often comes up if I have any PPC issue and am searching Google for some clarification or a solution. They have a search facility which is useful if you have a very specific query.

Inside Adwords Blog

The Inside Adwords Blog is straight from the horses mouth. Written by Google itself. I often end up here when a new product feature is launched to get the lowdown on how to use it and how it can be applied in practise. The blog is very good at signposting relevant pages within the Google support sites, for exact detail and ‘how to’ information. The posts are usually embedded with useful videos and images.

Manageable ways to read SEO

I read alot, and it’s almost entirely out of office hours. Although it sounds contradictory what i’ve got really good at is reading the minimum amount I need to from the BEST sources (and the above are the best). I don’t solely limit myself to just the above blogs, though they are usually at the forefront of what I consume largely because of the means by which I consume the content.

Here’s how I do it:

Feed readers

I read vast amounts of both work and personal stuff on my iPhone or iPad. Before you groan and disappear bear with me a minute. This isn’t just specific to iPhones or iPads, if you have any smart phone or tablet you have a great SEO resource as it enables you to consume what matters when you want. I use 2 amazing feed reader apps; Zite & Pulse. These apps give me the exact info I need and it is very easy to browse and pick and choose precisely what interests you. These apps allow me to chose topics and/or the precise blogs that I wish to read. Zite even learns what interests you the most based on what you read and thumb up or down and serves you even more targeted and relevant content as a result. The blog titles and snippets are presented in a way which easily allows me to clickthrough and read the rest of the post.

If you aren’t a lover of reading on your phone or tablet there are desktop products that do the same thing, Feedly being one of the best.


When I find posts that I know will be a useful resource for me to refer back to over time or if I just don’t have time to read it there and then i’ll send it to my Evernote. Evernote is a way to store and organize notes in a logical and useful way and access them from any device at any time. I use it for everything from SEO to recipies. You can send posts on Zite directly to your Evernote. You can also save things to your evernote by email or by browser extensions. Essentially Evernote ensures any web page or post you ever read and wanted to keep stays with you in an easily accessible way.

Happy reading!


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