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Review of The Smart Marketer’s Landing Page Conversion Course

Oli Gardner and Unbounce.com have produced an exceptional 11 part online series that aims to help make our landing pages perform better. You can sign up for the courseĀ here.

The course is accessible via a secure link emailed to ‘students’ every few days. I recommend it to anyone that wants to increase the marketing performance of their site. Each of the 11 parts is very easy to understand, provides clear and often illuminating practical theory as well as examples that support what is being taught. My only criticism if I were to have one is that the focus is very much on lead generation rather than ecommerce, although much of the course applies equally to both types of site.

Key takeaways for me:

  • If you invest in paid and organic search, you should also invest in page optimization, more so if budgets are tight.
  • AB testing is crucial, as is knowing what you’re testing for.
  • Conversion rates can be increased by manipulating psychology e.g. creating urgency.
  • Page design can be used to focus attention on the call to action.
  • All the words on the page count and affect conversion rate.
  • We should seek to, and be creative about, removing barriers to conversion.

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