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Top SEO predictions for 2013

I polled some fellow consultants in the industry and most agreed with me that the following are likely to be some of the significant changes in SEO next year.

2013 SEO predictions
  • Radical new search result snippets – we’ve seen big changes in 2012 with the use of structure data and rich snippets. Reviews, prices from, star ratings and more all help searchers find the ‘right’ website and they really help CTR so webmasters and marketers are going to embrace the probable new schema additions, some of which were announced as recently as this month.
  •  Pull away from non G+ social signals – ok so I was a bit on my own here. We know that Google incorporates social signals in its algorithm. We don’t know what or how exactly but I think Google will set aside impartiality and favour its own product (not exactly a first) G+ and rel author mark up and make these the primary social signals. I and notable others like Rand Fishkin think that reel author i.e. ‘who’ links to you/talks about you may become more important than traditional link/anchor text importance.
  • Mobile – increasingly a bigger percent of traffic is via mobile and tablet. Adwords caters well for mobile specific campaigns, er well actually that might be about to change, but anyway the point is it has the ability to rank mobile queries differently, in different formats and with different functionality. Organically the transition is not so significant – this might/must change.



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